Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mangosteen juice can help relief lower back pain

Due the aging process after the age of 35 above, men and women are equally affected by lower back pain and is a common ailment for both sex. Most pain is often occurs at the centre of our lower back. Lower back pain are cause due to lifting heavy objects, bending too long , injuries cause by accidents or incidents cause by sports and sleeping too long on a hard woods.

I experience chronic pains for about a year after a bike accident and quite often i visit my doctor as sometimes the pain is very painful. After taking medicine the pains goes away but will be back when is going to rain or the weather is very cold. I met a friend who experience the things as I . He recommond me to take xango, a drinks from mangosteen supplement. I been taking xango for more then four months , now I don't feel anymore pain in my lower back even it is raining or the weather is cold.



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